Selling personalized products on Amazon

Do you sell personalized items, such as birthday gifts with engraved names? Personalized T-shirts or something similar? In this article you will find instructions on how to create and sell customizable listings on Amazon!

What are customizable products?

Customizable products are products that can be individually designed or adapted according to the wishes or needs of a customer. For example, the color, material or design can be selected according to customer requirements. Other options include engraving a name on a product or attaching a picture of the customer’s choice to the product.

How do I create a personalized offer on Amazon?

1. to create a personalizable listing on Amazon, you must first create your product without personalization. If you’re wondering how to create a product on Amazon, take a look at our article on creating your first Amazon listing.

2. in the next step, navigate to your stock via Menu ⇒ Manage stock.

Manage Amazon stock

3. search for the offer to which you want to add a personalization and click on the arrow to the right of edit

Edit Amazon offer

4. in the menu that opens, click on “Add/edit customization information”. If this option is not displayed for you, you must first register with Amazon Custom free of charge.

Amazon customizable offer
  1. Now you can personalize your offer with almost unlimited possibilities. You can add up to 5 surfaces with up to 10 personalizations each.
Amazon Custom

You can choose between the following personalizations:

  • Text
  • Data
  • Drop-down options
  • Image
  • Number
Personalize Amazon offer

Now you can build your personalized offer on Amazon. You can view the current status live on Amazon at any time using the preview button at the bottom of the page. If you are satisfied, you can publish your personalized offer and it will be displayed on Amazon within 48 hours at the latest.