Selling products without an EAN code on Amazon

Prerequisites: You must have defined your product name / title for the application. In addition, you should have at least 2 pictures ready showing your product. It is important to comply with the following requirements:

  • these should be real images/photos and not product images. It is best to place your product on a table or hold it in your hand
  • make sure that the brand name that is recognizable on the packaging/product corresponds to your brand associated with Amazon.
  • also make sure that there are no barcodes on your products

Apply for GTIN exemption

To apply for your GTIN exemption, proceed as follows:

  • Via Menu ⇒ Catalog ⇒ Add products you can first create a new product as usual (I would like to add a product that is not sold on Amazon)
  • Enter article name and product type and click on “Next”
  • You can now enter your product and brand data on the product identity page. Under “External product ID”, select the “I do not have a product ID” checkbox
Apply for Amazon GTIN exemption

If you now click on continue at the bottom right, you will either be taken to the ASIN exemption application page or you can enter your product data as usual.

When you get to the application page, you can now select your category, upload your images if necessary and submit the application. You will receive notification of your GTIN exemption application within 48 hours.

If, on the other hand, you proceed directly to the next page for creating an offer, your application has been approved and you can create your product as usual.