Step-by-step guide to linking your brand with Amazon

In this article on Amazon brand registration, you will learn how to link a brand to your Amazon Seller Account and what benefits you get from Amazon brand registration in relation to your everyday life as a Seller. The prerequisite is that you already have a registered trademark or an ongoing trademark application. If you don’t have a registered trademark yet, take a look at our post on the topic of “Registering a trademark”.

Why should I link my brand with Amazon?

Linking your brand to Amazon brings you countless benefits – some of the most important features are:

  • Extended content for your product detail pages: A+ content, brand stories, videos, brand store
  • More ways to promote your products: Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display
  • Trademark protection programs: Transparency, Intellectual Property Accelerator, Counterfeit Crimes Unit
  • Programs to increase sales: Savings subscription, coupons at brand level (e.g. for shopping cart abandoners), Vine
  • Improved insight into customer behavior: Market analysis, AB Testing

The benefits you get from Amazon brand registration are incredibly valuable for your everyday life as an Amazon seller!

How do I connect my brand?

Call up the Amazon Brand Registry at https://brandregistry.amazon.de/home and log in with the access data from your Amazon Seller Central account. The start page for Amazon brand registration looks something like this:

Scroll down a little and click on the “Register a new brand” button in the “Brand management and administration” section.

Information about the company

The next step is to provide Amazon with all the important data about the company.

In addition, select the trademark office to which the trademark registration was submitted, enter the associated file number and confirm by clicking the Check button.

In the next step, select the Amazon categories in which the brand sells products. In addition, Amazon requires you to upload a picture of a product with your trademark. The other information on the page is optional.

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Provide information about the company

In the next step, you must specify whether you are a seller or supplier of the brand to be registered.

From here on, the requirements become very individual and it is best to follow the input mask to complete the trademark registration process most effectively and submit your application for Amazon trademark registration.

Provide manufacturing and sales information

Once you have submitted your trademark application, Amazon will send you a verification code via your trademark registration service provider. You must then enter this verification code in the Brand Registry in response to the email from Brand Support to complete your Amazon brand registration.

To do this, log back into the Amazon Brand Registry. You can access your open tickets via “Support” and “Support case log”:

You can then respond to the Amazon brand registration request with the verification code you received. The responsible department will now check the code and if everything fits, your brand will be connected to your Seller Central within a short time. You will receive an attachment by e-mail.